Toyota Hummer Bus
Toyota Hummer Bus

The Hyundai Santa Fe said in a statement Tuesday that it had no plans to cut ties with Chrysler Group LLC after the auto giant’s $35 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice that set the company up for a penalty of $15.9 million in January. The Santa Fe said its contract with the dealership should include no such language.

The decision to leave the auto maker and go elsewhere has raised eyebrows in Detroit, where local political leaders have been more wary of automakers being forced to take safety steps outside of the company’s control, even in cases of litigation. Former mayor Jim Duggan, a vocal opponent of Volkswagen, said in May that the automaker might need to rethink its approach.

“What’s at stake in the contract,” Dannemurf said while speaking at the Detroit Auto Show
Toyota Hummer Bus, which was built by Toyota Motor Corp. (TJ) to become the world’s largest vehicle maker, has been recalled over its ignition device.

A worker walks past a damaged Toyota Prius SUV at the site of the Toyota Motor Corp. Toyota Hummer Bus as it drove off its production ramp after Tuesday’s ignition fault at a project park in Pekka, Poland, Monday, Aug. 15, 2005. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

Toyota General Motors Motor Co., which did not respond to requests for comment on Tuesday, has confirmed there is a faulty ignition feature that the automaker had designed.

“That was done with the original design and the car wasn’t functioning at all while being driven and, we expect, it was at fault,” said a Toyota spokesman, who didn’t respond to requests for comment before Tuesday’s recall deadline.

Toyota said its replacement of the ignition issue could take years as some of the technology needed to fully replace defective parts were still in use. Toyota said all of its vehicles sold by Toyota under its California-based brand include a software system that automatically pulls up all the plugs in the front door, allowing them to open with less pressure.

U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with Japanese President Toyoda on Thursday to try and find better ways to address issues within the next 100 days. The president will then hold his meeting there, where he meets Ford Motor